Last month Create CNC set up an in-house laser cutting process, geared towards providing PPE for local care organisations.

Recent events surrounding COVID-19 saw a huge increase in demand for Personal Protective Equipment, which made items like plastic visors increasingly difficult for health and social care businesses to get hold of.

Laser cut PPE Visor

We set up our own laser cutting process in order to supply protective visors for local organisations, including Saint Michael’s Hospice, Thistle Hill Care Home, and several GP surgeries.

The team worked at full capacity and have provided over 2000 PPE face visors, all of which were supplied to local organisations free of charge.

The equipment was processed and distributed by myLifePool and Oatland Community Group, whom Create CNC approached when they saw the opportunity to provide assistance.

Laser cutting PPE - CAD file

As a business it was impossible for us to ignore the urgent demand for PPE, knowing that we have the skills and equipment to provide help.

Realising that every visor we made had the potential to save lives, our whole team made every effort to produce as many as we possibly could. It really is a credit to my team, I honestly can’t thank them enough for all their hard work on this.

Barry BlandManaging Director, Create CNC