Shepherd hut frames and components are Harrogate Huts’ bread and butter. We provide CNC cutting solutions across their entire product range.

We‘ve assisted Harrogate Huts since their inception, assisting in all aspects of their CNC manufacturing – from CAD setup through to final production and delivery. Their Shepherd Hut frames threw up plenty of challenges in the early stages, all of which we were able to meet with precision.

Harrogate Huts

We now provide CNC routing for every shepherd hut component that Harrogate Huts produce.

Harrogate Huts frame

We’ve partnered with Create CNC for all our our production, since we made our very first shepherd hut! We can always confidently rely on their CNC team to provide a solution, every time we present them with a new challenge.

KevinHarrogate Huts
Harrogate Huts detail
Harrogate Huts detail

Harrogate Huts’ requirements are diverse, which means we support them with a range of CNC routing; this can include anything from cutting large wood panel framework elements,  down to creating smaller interior pieces with intricate cutting requirements.